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Current System Status

Microsoft Email Problems

15:56 09/06/2017

We are currently seeing a large amount of emails being deferred when sending to Hotmail/Outlook and other Microsoft addresses. This includes and domains that have emails hosted with Outlook services.

This is still ongoing, we are continuously monitoring this and will keep this page up to date with the latest information.

AOL - Sending Issues

15:58 09/06/2017

We are seeing that a number of rejections to AOL, this looks to be caused by a limit on their servers restricting the amount of emails that can be received from our shared mail servers. We are currently investigating, our apologies for any inconvenience caused here in the meantime.

E-Mail Delivery to BT and Yahoo

20:44 05/01/2018

Update - We are still seeing some rejections and delayed messages to these mail providers and are continuing to work to resolve these problems. We apologise for the ongoing nature of this issue and for the inconvenience caused.

Apr 13, 14:20 BST
Identified - We are seeing that a number of rejections to BT and Yahoo are being caused by badly formed SPF records. If you are having issues sending to addresses with BT and Yahoo from our systems we recommend using the following SPF:-

v=spf1 exists:%{i} exists:%{i} -all

If you need any assistance in updating this our support team will be happy to help.

Feb 10, 17:52 GMT
Investigating - We are seeing some failures as well as delays with Mail Delivery to BT and Yahoo addresses from messages sent from our network.

Our System Administrators are currently working on this and we will provide further updates here as we have them.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused as a result of this

Update Jan 7, 16:42 GMT - The only communication we've had from the other parties is that the previous advice holds true and that good mail sent from our clean mail IP addresses from domain's with a correctly formatted spf record should result in the mail being received correctly by mailboxes they provide. Communication is slow but ongoing and we're pushing as hard as we can for a definite resolution of this issue.

Exchange Mailboxes

14:25 24/05/2018

Update 11:30

Mailboxes are now functioning again, and users are able to log in.

We will be continuing to monitor the situation over the next few hours.


Update 09:35

We have completed the restoration of data to our Exchange platform and are now in the process of reviewing the integrity of the platform before proceeding.

We appreciate your ongoing patience as we work to resolve this issue.


Update 06:00

This work to restore the configuration store is still ongoing, we will provide an update when we have any further details. Unfortunately, we do not have a firm timescale for this to be completed, due to the nature of the work.


Update 23:40:

At around 2pm BST our monitoring systems alerted us to issues with the Active Directory domain which stores information for the Hosted Exchange platform.

The issue resulted in a corruption of a vital configuration store causing all Exchange databases to become dismounted. Data held in the Exchange databases at this point was not lost. The dismounting of the databases will have caused many customers’ mail clients to show as ‘disconnected’.

System Administrators then proceeded to run a restore of the configuration store to resolve the issue.


Update 21:31:

We are still working to restore connectivity to the mailboxes. No data loss has occurred. We expect to have connectivity restored shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We're aware that users on our Exchange platform will currently be experiencing accessing their emails.

Our teams are working on this issue and hope to have things back to normal as soon as possible.

Planned System Maintenance

There is currently no planned maintenance.

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